Business and Management

Business and Management

Shine in a competitive environment

Expand your career opportunities by gaining the professional skills you need to advance to the next level. Columbia International University’s online and on campus business programs combine hands-on training and core knowledge of business principles to prepare you for all types of leadership and management positions. Gain a strong foundation in business & management through CIU’s extensive business programs. 我们的商业计划, 2023年更新, prepare you for the challenges you will face as you manage or create businesses and organizations.

Leadership and management skills are invaluable in the work world, and both are essential components of CIU’s business and management programs. You’ll learn how to overcome obstacles and map effective strategies to run organizations both in the United States, 和国外. You’ll be prepared with the practical, professional and analytical skills that will help you land your dream job. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or a corporate employee, or even a nonprofit or community organization worker, our concise degree programs will ensure the work you’re doing leads to success.

Business and Management Degree Programs




Benefits of an CIU Business and Management Degrees

  • Highly Engaged Classes: The business degree classes are taught by passionate professors who are competent in their area of expertise that will shape you for the best.
  • Dedicated 教师 and Staff: Our professors and staff will ensure that you are given the resources and information you need, including resources such as tutoring.
  • Networking Opportunities: You will have access to the nationwide network of career opportunities and internships throughout your studies.
  • Transfer-Friendly Programs: 从任何一所大学, from anywhere you are at, we provide transfer-friendly programs that allow you to enroll from where you left off.
  • Flexibility in Programs: During your studies, you have free reign to try out any other programs that CIU has to offer. 在线 students are able to work full time while completing their programs at a healthy pace.